We’ve been busy as ever in 2017, writing code, fixing bugs and travelling to meet partners and associates. Here’s all that activity represented in numerical form.

team members 23

Including new recruits to the coalface of Civic Tech, Jukesie, David and Graeme.

in towns 12

Working remotely means we can find the best people in the country, not the best people within commuting distance of an office.

Contracted experts 4

Lucas, Lucy and Luca came on board. Plus Jenna, whom we might start calling Lucille, just for consistency.

fond farewells 3

Long-serving team members (and friends) Dave, Paul and Steve went to pastures new. Miss you already, guys!

Code commits 6,314

Code is committed as we work towards new features or fixes. So that’s 6,314 little bits of progress.

Partners worked with 38

From ASL19 working in Iran to Open Culture Foundation in Taiwan, we’ve had the honour of collaborating with inspiring partners across the world.

Tickets closed 2,393

If you report a problem or suggest a feature, we open a ticket. Then we fix things. ‘Tickets closed’ is one highly satisfying measure of improvement.

Research projects 6

See several on our slick new Research repository, with more slated for completion very soon.

Where have you worked this year?

Nick Coffee shops, trains, planes, airports...

Jen In a park in Mexico (we didn't want to go back inside post-earthquake)

Martin On a train, in a doctor’s waiting room, on the floor outside a ballet class, in every coffee shop in Shrewsbury, in bed, on the sofa, in the garden.

Bec On the side of a dirt road in Tanzania, at Google's office in Taiwan, on a sunny hillside in Bogota, in a vineyard in Australia, and of course, in glamorous places like Leeds and Minehead.

Struan I think the table in my garden, or Starbucks in Bristol airport was as exotic as it got.

Visits across all our UK sites 10,297,037

Checking in on Parliament, contacting representatives, making FOI requests, reporting street issues.

Visits to partners' parliamentary monitoring sites 1,180,902

Helping citizens in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa to keep an eye on their elected representatives.

Blog posts 82

Keeping you informed about everything we do.

Countries visited 21

Mostly by Bec, who toured 13 of them, conducting research & speaking at conferences.

Comments in Slack 119,088

Our instant chat interface and one of the reasons we can work together at distance.

in the Slack 'pets' channel 1,729

Because we’re all soft for bunnies, puppies and kittens.

People attending TICTeC 405

2017 saw an unprecedented double whammy for TICTeC: our Impacts of Civic Technology conference ran in both Florence, Italy and Taipei, Taiwan bringing practitioners, researchers, funders and industry giants together.

Taking TICTeC to Taipei this year was awesome. The diversity amongst delegates and speakers was incredible, and I'm so excited to have involved new Civic Tech actors in thinking about the impacts of their work.

– Bec